Shari Steinbach, MS RD

I'm Shari Steinbach, MS RD the lead dietitian and Healthy Living Advisor for Meijer in Michigan. I will use my extensive background in the food industry and health education to bring you trusted advice and information about the many products and foods available in our stores and how they can be part of a smart and healthy lifestyle.

I work closely with Janine, Tina, Maribel, and Melissa and it is our job to provide you with the latest information on current nutrition topics and offer food and health solutions. Each month our website will focus on a specific health topic and provide you with key Healthy Living strategies, tips and tools that can be easily used in your daily life. You'll want to bookmark Meijer Healthy Living for our weekly menu planner, simple recipes and answers to your food and nutrition questions. You'll also find us at many community and in-store events as we bring our Healthy Living message alive with presentations, cooking demonstrations and fun activities.

I encourage you to take time for yourself and to make healthy choices that work for you and your family. Our Healthy Living team is here to help!

Janine Faber, MEd RD LD

I'm Janine Faber, MEd, RD, LD, the Meijer Dietitian and Healthy Living Advisor for Ohio and Kentucky. My clinical background and consumer communication expertise help to provide you with health and nutrition information on the "Ask Janine" section of our website. I invite you to send me an email with your questions. I will provide you with simple solutions for a healthy life.

Also, due to the many special diets, food allergies and intolerances that individuals may have, I work closely with our Meijer pharmacies and other departments to provide you with specific information for many health related issues. Our team of experts will make it easier to shop Meijer for the healthful products you need.

Tina Miller, MS RD

I'm Tina Miller, MS RD your Meijer Dietitian and Healthy Living Advisor for East Michigan and Northern Ohio. With over 20 years of experience as a registered dietitian, my goals include providing you with simple steps to achieve and maintain good health, menus and recipes that are easy and enjoyable, and sound nutrition advice that is based on current and credible research. Academics have played a significant role in my life and I am consistently reviewing and evaluating the most current nutrition research and food trends. I will work to keep you informed, translating research findings into easy-to-use lifestyle tips.

Like you, my family is at the center of my busy life. We enjoy a variety of foods and believe in the positive power of foods. That is the impact our food choices have on our health and well-being. I look forward to working for you and exploring whole foods, natural foods and organic foods as they relate to your health. Wishing you good health, naturally!

Maribel Alchin, MBA RD LDN

I'm Maribel Alchin, MBA, RD, LDN, the Meijer Dietitian and Healthy Living Advisor for Illinois and Indiana. As your dietitian and personal chef, I utilize my culinary skills and clinical nutrition background every day to help you make healthy meal choices. My goal is to provide practical meal solutions, teach you healthy cooking techniques, and spice up your typical weekly menu. You can count on my weekly nutritious meal plans to provide well-rounded nutrition. Together, we'll expose your taste buds to new flavors and ingredients you may have never experienced before - all as a part of a balanced diet. Eating nutritious meals is an investment in your family's health; thank you for inviting me to your family's table each week. Enjoy!

Melissa Hehmann, RD CDE

I'm Melissa Hehmann, RD CDE, your Meijer Dietitian and Healthy Living Advisor for Indiana and Northwest Ohio. My goal, as a registered dietitian and diabetes educator, is to be your guide on the path to health and well-being for you and your family. Our food choices play a large role as we move towards wellness. As a working mom of a toddler, I know how challenging it can be to get dinner on the table. I offer easy and affordable solutions so that you can provide your family with nutritionally balanced and delicious meals. Physical activity is another important aspect of our overall health. With my background in yoga and fitness, I aim to assist you in adding simple and enjoyable activities into your everyday life that can benefit your whole family.

I hope you will allow me, and the entire team of Meijer dietitians, to lead you on the road to wellness. One meal at a time! One step at a time!