Holiday Helpers: Personal Gift Baskets

This holiday, why not create personalized gift baskets for friends and family on your gift list.  A personalized gift basket is thoughtful, cost effective, simple to create and is uniquely designed for that special person. 


The Sports Enthusiast: Include mixed nuts and pretzels for snacking. Add an 8-pack of POWERade to quench thirst.  Pack in sports memorabilia (stat books, sporting magazines, posters, team flags, logo balls), and finish off with their favorite team apparel, such as T-shirts or lounge pants. 


The Health Nut:  Start with a sampling of Meijer brand Organic snacks, organic salsa, organic peanut butter and Rudi’s Organic English muffins.  Add in organic specialty teas for sipping, Glaceau VitaminWaters for energy and focus, and finish off with a calming music CD for meditation.  “Wrap” this gift basket in a Meijer reusable shopping bag.


The Amateur Chef: Begin with a great cookbook or a collection of your favorite Meijer Healthy Living recipes.  Add in Barilla Plus Pasta, Dei Fratelli Seasoned Tomatoes, Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a nice bottle of your favorite wine.  Build this basket in a stock pot or large skillet along with decorative kitchen towels and an oven mitt to make this gift truly special.


Fitness Fanatic: In a large gym-bag, include a GoFit Burst Resistant Ball with DVD, GoFit kettle bell weights, GoFit resistance tubes, or the GoFit progym in a bag—a  great item for those who travel that includes training tubes, mesh bag, door anchor, ankle straps and DVD.  Add in Dasani water, a decorate hand towel, and athletic socks.


The College Student:  Start with a large holiday tin filled with your own special homemade chocolate chips cookies (use Smart Balance Butter Blend quarters and white whole grain flour for healthier cookies).  Add in Crystal Light On the Go Packets (Focus Natural Citrus Splash or Live Active Berry flavors are great choices) along with healthier snacks such as roasted nuts and dried fruit.  Add a Meijer gift card for gas or groceries and finish with a recent framed family picture.