Girl Power Foods!


Celebrate Women’s Health!

A healthy and balanced diet, rich in plant foods, is fundamental to feeling vibrant and staying well. For women, however, there are certain foods that are especially beneficial. Check out the recommendations for “girl-power foods” and visit to find great recipes using these foods.

Girl-Power Foods!

Food Group      Nutritients  Benefits  Daily Requirements Supplement Recommendation
 Low fat milk, yogurt, reduced fat cheese Calcium, Vitamin D, Protein

Calcium-Bone Health, Muscle Vitamin D - Immune heath, Mood   


2-3 Servings   

 Calcium: 1,000 mg (in two 500mg doses/day): 1,500mg/ day-seniors

Vitamin D - 1,000 IU / day

 Dark Green and Deep Orange Vegetables and Fruit; Oranges/ Orange Juice B vitamins, Folate Folate - Healthy red blood cell production, energy, protection from chronic disease 5 cups fruit and veg. /day (at least 1cup dark green or orange / day) Meijer women’s complete multi-vitamin may be beneficial.
Whole grains, Flaxseed  Essential vitamins, minerals and fiber; Omega-3 oils in Flaxseed Healthy digestion, bowel regularity, relieve constipation (especially ground flaxseed)  3 or more whole grain servings daily  
Cranberries, Cranberry Juice Vitamin C, antioxidants Protects immune health, helps maintain urinary tract health As part of your 5 Cups fruit and veg. per day Food sources are recommend over supplemental cranberry.
Water Essential Fluids Decrease bloating, prevent constipation, decrease fatigue due to dehydration Half your body weight in ounces (i.e., 140 lb needs 70 oz. Healthy fluids)  
Soy foods, soy milk Protein, isoflavones Promote healthy hormone levels; may help relieve hot flashes in menopause. 1-2 servings, 4+ days/ week Soy foods are recommended. Talk with your Meijer Pharmacist about safe supplementation


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