Food, Fun and Family

Meals bring families together. Whether you are gathered around the kitchen table for dinner or are enjoying a snack together on the front porch, it is fun to celebrate family by spending time together with healthy food. Try these ideas with your family:


NuVal Scavenger Hunt. Thousands of products within Meijer have NuVal scores to help you chose healthier options within each department. Make it fun by getting the whole family involved in looking at NuVal scores to find healthier foods for meals and snacks.


Family Room Picnic. Spice things up by having meals in a different location. Spread out the picnic blanket and serve sandwiches, fruit, pasta salad and refreshing drinks. Then, after the meal, play board games together on the picnic blanket.


Cook Together. Plan and prepare dinners with your children. In addition to spending time together, cooking can give your children an appreciation for making healthy choices while also working on their math and measurement skills. The Turkey Spinach Rolls recipe in the monthly recipes section of the Healthy Living website is a delicious recipe to try as a family.

Hike Or Bike in a Local Park. Playing with your family is fun and an easy way to squeeze in some physical activity. Remember to take some quick and healthful snacks along, such as individual containers of Musselman’s applesauce and South Beach Living Fiber Fit™ Berries ‘n Crème Granola Bars. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by packing 100% Mott’s apple juice or water .




Celebrate Kids

Once again, Meijer is participating in the program Produce For Kids this Summer. You can help children in your community by buying certain produce items at Meijer from June 7th to July 3rd. The money raised benefits Children’s Miracle Network hospitals in your area. For more information and produce recipes, visit your local Meijer store or


Celebrate Mom

1.    Mother’s Day Brunch. Make Mother’s Day extra special for your mom by making her brunch. Try a Breakfast Burrito served with a Straw-Nana Smoothie (recipes in monthly recipes section of the Healthy Living website).

2.    Health Buddy. Offer to go with your mom to her regular doctor’s appointments or mammograms or the Meijer Pharmacy clinic screenings. Sometimes it is nice to have the support of a family member there in the room. Plus, it is helpful to have another set of ears to hear the recommendations from the doctor and Meijer Pharmacist.

3.    Photo Gifts. Bring in photos to the Meijer photo department and have them create a Life in Motion DVD Photo Show, flip book or photo book.

4.    Afternoon Tea. Spend some time with your mom catching up over green tea and treats such as cucumber sandwiches. Or enjoy lemonade with healthy snacks, such as lowfat cheese cubes and whole grain crackers.

5.    Gardening Goodies. Give your mom a pail or planter with gardening tools. Place a Meijer gift card in the pail so that your mom can buy colorful flowers to plant. Offer to spend time planting the new flowers with her.